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Hey Zion:
        Just wanting to know if anyone has read "Life Everlasting" by
Crowther, and if so, what do you think.  It was recommended to me by a
friend who knows that since Tom died, I've been devouring the words of
prophets and scriptures to learn all I can about the Plan of Salvation,
the Spirit World,  and life after death.
        As I've perused it, some of it looks good, but some of it looks
like sensationalism (near-death experiences etc.).  I have my own
feelings about NDE's ie; if you have one, it is a sacred experiece that
should be kept that way.
        Anyway, it looks like an interesting study, but would like some
feedback as well because, for the most part, I respect the opinions of
the members of this list.

your sis in Mishawaka, Indiana (as I watch in disgust as BC walks all
over Notre Dame who should NEVER have worn the green jerseys)
val ;-)
I've read the book, _Life Everlasting_, (it must be over twenty five years or so since I read it) and would pretty much agree with your assessment. I'm sure that I do not agree with the way Crowther makes public things that ought to remain sacred.

Steven Montgomery

"Nations are defined by their founders. George Washington set a standard of
selfless public service and heroic private virtue against which American
politicians continue to be measured - and found wanting - even today." --Steven W. Mosher
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