>That's exactly what I wrote: I *don't* believe the scriptures are

If this was so, the apostles and prophets from Joseph Smith on would have
told us so. everything I have ever heard from modern prophets teaches
that the old history of the world is true and historical unless you
choose to believe that our religion is based upon lies, fairy tales, and
faith promoting nonsense. I suppose you might also think Moses was a myth
because there is not one scrap of credible evidence of Moses or the
Israelites in Egypt and I hope you don't choose to argue this point with
me because you will loose big time. So beware!

>That's your assumption, but it doesn't say anything about them in the
>That's the problem with trying to deal with the Bible as a secular
history -- it
>doesn't fit.

Since when does the Bible tell all? I suppose you also think the Book for
Mormon is not a secular history too? You are marching on really shaky
ground the kind of which I dare not go and the kind which if you werer to
teach from the pulpit you would find yourself being yanked to the floor
by the bishop. 

Also, maybe our whole religious experience is self induced with naturally
occurring chemicals in our brains that make us wishy washy? Maybe the
whole thing is a joke? Maybe we don't even really exist. Would someone
pinch me please? 

Paul O

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