>Also, maybe our whole religious experience is self induced with
>occurring chemicals in our brains that make us wishy washy? Maybe the
>whole thing is a joke? Maybe we don't even really exist. Would someone
>pinch me please?

>>I know I exist, but maybe you're a figment of my imagination . . .


That's kind of what I'm talking about. Maybe we are not even real and
that all this has not come to pass. Perhaps our 60x Great Grand Father
God is sitting on a cloud in yonder heaven and contemplating the future
of one of his grandchildren (Eloheim) and the planet earth. 

How do we know we are real? This whole thing could be the day dreaming of
a God who is looking at the future. The scriptures prove in the
revelation saying "He lives" but how do we know that we really live?

Ok, I'm going to go light a candle and some incense and say a little
chant now.

Ha ha ha heheh eahah ah a. 

Paul O

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