I got the following this AM from Tony Pinto, a former 
coworker of mine who got called into active duty from
the Reserves.  FYI...../Sandy/ 

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Some of the things I miss:

1.  Family
2.  Friends
3.  Cold Beer
4.  Cold Milk
5.  A real shower
6A. A toilet that is less than 150 feet away
6B. A toilet that flushes
7.  Toilet paper bought at a real store, not Home Depot's sandpaper  
8.  Sleeping in/on a bed
9.  Sleeping farther than 100 feet from an active runway
10. Sleeping
11. Food with FDA compliance
12. Vehicles with EPA compliance
13. Water with Flouride
14. T-shirts with color
15. Parachuting into an area with tree obstacles, not landmines
16. Curbside trash service
17. Sleeping without ear plugs
18. Sleeping - I already said that
19. Airplanes with seats
20. Paved roads

Best to all...

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