Thanks -- as I suspected, that's a coastal glacier. You'll probably have seen my
post by now about this.

"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> After much pondering, Marc A. Schindler favored us with:
> >I'd be interested in knowing which one it is, as it's my understanding
> >that all
> >inland North American glaciers are shrinking. Naturally there could be an
> >exception to this, such as coastal glaciers.
> Alaska's Hubbard Glacier surging. Yakutat, Alaska. July 15, 2002.
> Bulldozing a gravel moraine in front of it, the Hubbard Glacier is
> advancing so rapidly that has nearly cut off Russell Fiord from
> Disenchantment Bay. The resulting ice and gravel dam is cutting off the
> supply of salt water, turning Russell Fiord into Russell Lake, endangering
> the small fishing village of Yakutat.
> Russell "Lake" is now rising at the rate of six inches a day as freshwater
> from snowmelt and rainfall continues pouring in. Once the lake level rises
> to about 130 feet, it will begin spilling over into the nearby Situk River
> basin, flooding the usually tranquil stream. This would all but destroy the
> world-class salmon and steelhead fishing in the area, and devastate
> Yakutat's economy.
> The Hubbard Glacier, 73 miles long and 6 miles wide at the face, is the
> largest tidewater glacier in North America.
> ---
> Yakutat, incidentally, is one of the branches in our stake.  Although I
> have never traveled there, it receives a regular visit from the high
> council just like every other unit in the stake.  In other words, this is
> happening right inside our stake.
> Apparently there is another glacier near Mt. McKinley that is growing
> to.  And I cannot speak to the other glaciers mentioned on this website,
> but it claims that there are many glaciers around the world that are
> growing instead of retreating.  Maybe we should tell these glaciers to
> knock it off because it isn't politically correct, do you think?
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