No, but we know they're there, and that because they're sealed, that we don't
have them. Therefore it's automatically part of the redaction question. It
implies to me that some day we *will* have them, which of course will mean that
our current BoM is not the same as what will some day be our BoM. I think this
happened in ancient times all the time, as per I Nephi 13 -- the identity of what
exactly was on the brass plates is never made clear except to say that it
apparently contained more than what we now have from the OT.

Gary Smith wrote:

> Wow! So I take it Marc, that you've also had a peek at the sealed portion
> of the BoM???
> K'aya K'ama,
> Garyihah "I'm famous, you pukes!" Smith    gszion1
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> Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
> Marc:
> Note, too, that the redaction process is explicit in the BoM: we have the
> Large
> Plates of Nephi, the Small Plates of Nephi, the record of the Jaredites,
> the
> Mulekites, and we have a whole line of keepers of the records, some of
> whom only
> added a token item such as "Behold, I Garyihah, have received these
> plates and
> have verily not the foggiest notion what do with them, so I bequeath them
> unto my
> bright nephew, Johnihah and hope he hath better luck...."
> [tongue-in-cheek,
> naturally] to the great redactors of Nephi, Mormon and Moroni, some of
> whom
> claimed that they could only record "a hundredth part" of what they
> wanted to.
> Some History 101.
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