Jon Spencer wrote:

> We didn't want to upset the UN, now, did we?
> Actually, we did have an agreement with Iraq to implement full inspections,
> and he did agree to get rid of all of the Iraqi WoMM, although I can't tell
> you why we believed him.  But certainly, we can't now.
> We are now more concerned because he has had quite some time to implement
> more weapons outside of our ability to inspect, and he has quite a bit of
> money to do so, given the trade he has with our European "allies" in the UN.

Ahem. The US bought 795 million barrels of crude oil last year from Iraq. Don't
blame Europe.
(as opposed to 1,611 mb from Saudi Arabia, the largest supplier of crude, and
1,356 mb from Canada, the 3rd largest supplier of crude; Iraq was #6)
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