Another thing to contemplate if the higher critics haven't gotten around to this one, let me be the first higher critic of one of them to show how preposterous some of the tales can be and yet I ought to have my head examined for believing it because I have believed these individuals to be real individuals.

Can you really imagine Jacob fooling his father like that and getting away with it for even five minutes? I must admit I have a hard time of it. Anybody must realize that the smell of animal hair is quite different than the actual man's odor. Makes me wonder if this isn't symbolic too? How about Leah being given instead of Rachel on Jacob's first wedding night? The same objection. How could he have been fooled so easily? Her voice, her mannerisms, etc. I am having a lot of trouble buying both of these stories completely.


At 01:13 AM 11/07/2002 -0700, you wrote:

Then stay away from it. There are other ways to learn.

Stacy Smith wrote:

> I've read some of the higher criticism and don't really appreciate or like it.
> Stacy.

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