> Israelites?  In what way can it be said how willing and capable God is in
> helping you succeed in following His commandments?
> Dan:
> They overcame the people of Jericho. I do not question that the city of
> Jericho, or the people of Jericho were destroyed by the Israelites. God
> promised that He would give that land to the Israelites if they would only
> follow His commandments. They moved in, conquered the people that were
> there, and God's promise was realized. _That's_ the principle, 

I'll answer Marc and Dan together here. Marc didn't address my questions but Dan does. 
 So, Marc, what's your take on the Red Sea, the walls of Jericho, et al?  Did they 
happen as described?

Dan's answer has a hint of "When the Israelites say they crossed over the Red Sea on 
dry ground while the Egyptians perished, what really happened is that the Israelites 
found a path around on the north but the Egyptians got bogged down in quicksand."  

Dan, if the Israelites conquered Jericho without the aid of a miracle as you hint, 
then in what way did God help them?  Didn't they just accomplish it all on their own?

I hope that isn't what you are trying to say, Dan and Marc.  If you really do believe 
that the Red Sea parted by the power of God, then I don't understand your point.  I 
already understand the symbolism and the principles taught by that actual events.  So 
I haven't disagreed with you.  I just haven't heard you say, "Yes, of course the 
actual event happened as described".  Instead, you seem to be waffling.

As to Marc's use of Hebrews 11:1 - we only have faith in real things even though we 
cannot see them.  So we really do need the events.  Happening is believing even if 
seeing isn't.

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