John, you seem to have a really blind spot on this issue.  This is really
not like you - it has given you Alzheimer disease, I think.  The video of
USB claiming responsibility and talking about the plans ahead of time was
played ad nauseum on the TV rag outlets.  And while we do have an obligation
to not just accept things blindly, we also need to use our judgment and not
paint all politicians with the same broad brush.  Bush et al did have
evidence, quite a bit in fact.

I can respect your opposition to the way things are going, and part of me
agrees with you - but only part.  I hope, along with you, that your
prognostications are not correct. But PLEASE don't go so far over the edge
in stating the reasons for your opposition.  It scares me!  You are supposed
to be one of the sane ones.


John W. Redelfs wrote:

> After much pondering, Paul Osborne favored us with:
> >The President of the United States and US intelligence has determined
> >that he is guilty. Case closed.
> Just hope they don't find you guilty of anything without evidence.  --JWR

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