My sentiments exactly. Do you really call that "winning," for the few of us that are left? I suppose in some ways it is. At least those of us who are left will deserve to be left. But for a while we will have to go through torment, and don't ask me to look forward to that.


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After much pondering, Stacy Smith favored us with:
I agree, but no matter what we do we will be overrun. I don't know if I agree with the prevailing LDS sentiment that we will prevail, either. I suppose one has to ask what is meant by "prevail." If you mean win but only with a tiny fraction of people left, I don't really call that winning.
The Book of Mormon clearly teaches--citations available on demand--that if the voice of the people should ever choose wickedness, their destruction is imminent. It also teaches that our nation will serve the God of this land or it will be "swept off."

Judging from how close the last election was, the voice of the people is on the verge of choosing wickedness. I think they did it when they elected Clinton to his second term. I think they did it when they upheld that notorious Supreme Court decision in 1973.

What this nations needs most in its War on Terrorism is widespread, national repentance. Have any of you seen signs of this happening? Statistically has sexual immorality gone down? Is church attendance way up? Has there been any rush to marry live in partners. Is there a growing clamor for repealing those laws that allow state sponsored gambling? Is the liquor in a deep slump from falling sales?

If there is not widespread national repentance, the USA will be destroyed. Further, it will deserve it.

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