You might want to forward this to the FBI. At least I assume they have a unit
covering the Nigerian scam. The Mounties do, and Canadians are encouraged to
forward emails, with headers, to them.

Jim Cobabe wrote:

> Another of these entertaining invitations from Lagos...
> TEL: 2348023263622
> Your Attention:
> First, I must solicit your strictest understanding in the matter i am about
> to disclose to you,if the contents of this mail does meet with your
> approval, I humbly crave your indulgence.
> I am recently retired as the director of finance of the Federal Ministry Of
> Power & Steel (FMP&S). During my tenure, I was also in charge of the tenders
> board. The job of the tenders board was to access bids made to the FMP&S by
> foreign and local contractors for execution of contracts recommend to the
> government for award of such contracts. In the course of our work at the
> tenders board, we recieved a bid of (USD46.8M) from Arab Contractors Company
> of Egypt for the refurbishing of the six thermal flow stations and the
> supply of 27KVA transformers for the south-western part of the country.
> The bid was unsually low for the contract in question considering the other
> bids we had gone through. The tenders board then invited them for an
> appraisal of their bid. After the appraisal, we the five members of the
> tenders board agreed to recommend them for the award of the contract only if
> they increase thier bid to USD60M. The balance USD13.2M was to be paid to us
> (the members of the tenders board) after the execution of the contract for
> us. Not trusting the contractors to live up to their own part of the
> bargain, we established the above mentioned company and had them su-contract
> the USD13.2M to the company as a sub-contract. The deed of sub-contract was
> perfected by a notary public and registered at the federal high court, (
> copies will be sent to you upon the commencement of this transaction)
> Arab contractors have executed the whole contract and have been paid off,
> leaving the balance USD13.2M. Considering the amount of the fund involved we
> cannot ask the CBN to pay directly into our local bank account as the bank
> regulatory bodies will want to know the directors of the company. Though I
> am retired, my other four partners are still ingovernment employ. I have
> therefore been mandated as a matter of trust by my partners to source for a
> business partner to whom we could transfer the sum of USD13.2M by drawing up
> a letter of domiciliation instructing the concerned government parastatals
> i.e the FMP&S and CBN to pay into the partner's account the contractual
> entitlement of USD13.2M. Youy will agree with me that a letter of
> domiciliation is an accepted form of doing business worldwide.
> Should this transaction interest you, you are to contact me on my telephone
> number 2348023263622 or my e-mail address, so that I can brief you fully,
> and discuss your renumerationfor this undertaking.
> All logistics are in place and all modalities worked out for the smooth
> conclusion of the transaction upon receipt of the following information:
> Your full name/ company name, address, company's details & activities,
> telephone & fax numbers.
> These information will enable us make the applications and lodge claims to
> the concerned ministries & agencies in favour of your company and it is
> pertinent to state here that a legally binding contract will be entered by
> all parties involved, this is to safe guard our mutual interest.
> Yours Faithfuly,
> Henry Azuka.
> _________________________________________________________________
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Marc A. Schindler
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himself up and continue on” – Winston Churchill

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