Yes, it is a moral issue.  You know my feelings about politics.

There is no "other side of the world" anymore, or hadn't you noticed.  Of
course, it is probably easier to get to North Carolina from Baghdad than
from where you live, but I digress. :-)

There is no obvious manner in which to equate the Nephite's situation to
ours.  It is probably easier (and far faster) for al Qaeda forces to
traverse the miles from the other side of the world, than it was for the
Lamanites to travel from their location to visit Captain Moroni.  So,
basically, I do not see your statement below as being valid.

I see all of our actions and motives as being defensive in nature.  Thus,
for me, they are right and moral.  Your opinion, of course, may vary.  It is
not a simple question, but I have seen no viable alternative from you on
this matter, one that deals with all of the various issues.  "Just stay
home" doesn't cut it.  "Wait until they nuke us, or use WoMM to kill at
least 1,000,000 people" or some such is not acceptable to me, especially
since I live in one of the top 100 attack areas.  Note, however, that I
would feel the same way if I did not.  Your life is no less precious to me
than are the lives of my family.


John W. Redelfs wrote:

> After much pondering, Jon Spencer favored us with:
> >I can respect your opposition to the way things are going, and part of me
> >agrees with you - but only part.  I hope, along with you, that your
> >prognostications are not correct. But PLEASE don't go so far over the
> >in stating the reasons for your opposition.  It scares me!  You are
> >to be one of the sane ones.
> It is not a political issue.  It is a moral issue.  America is the
> aggressor because Afghanistan and Iraq are on the other side of the
> world.  How is that for being concise?

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