After much pondering, Stacy Smith favored us with:
Going through this world as blind is challenge enough. Going through the same after nuclear attack I cannot fathom.
I cannot but think that the organizational prowess of the Church would become even more obvious after any nuclear attack. Who knows, perhaps we would have to help form a new government after Washington, D.C. becomes a glass-lined, radioactive crater. Regardless, if Father in Heaven loves you as much as I suppose he does, his Son's church might be able to provide you with a more benign environment than you think. Just as clothing provides us with a micro climate in places far from the tropics, I'm sure that God could help us achieve a micro environment in a radioactive and violent world.

My friend Mike George--are you there, Mike?--is determined to live in the Los Angeles area. I keep trying to get him to move out of so obvious a nuclear target. He has stopped my mouth by pointing out that if God can protect Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego in the fiery furnace, then he can protect Mike George in the middle of a nuclear fireball. What can I say to that? <grin>

Of course, I realize that for some of you this is just a children's bedtime story designed to illustrate a true principle that God can protect us no matter what the peril. It did not literally happen, right?

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