Marc, that's great!  You can now go to those books and read how we put
people into the area immediately, and then built up our forces unilaterally
over a several month period before ever establishing an international
coalition.  Now just as then, we had some instant allies such as the British
Commonwealth.  However, the rant and rave that I hear from the left is that
that is not an international coalition.

Well, now we seem to be gaining one.  Just like then.

After you refresh your recollections, you can thank me for helping restore
your memory! :-)


Marc A. Schindler wrote:

Jon Spencer wrote:
> By the way, to offset all the history revisionists, if you remember, under
> Bush 41 we acted FIRST, and then built a coalition, not the other way
> around.  Does anyone need the history lesson, or do you remember now?
> I'm not saying you said this, it just popped into my mind as a result of
> this post.)

Really? Then how did all those British, Canadian, Australian, Egyptian,
Omani, UAE-ese, Turkish, French, lessee...., Qatari, Yemeni troops, planes,
ships get there along with the US forces?  Do you know who the Commander in
of Desert Storm was? I have the whole order of battle on my bookshelf.

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