There are Jewish fundamentalist groups who are planning to do exactly that,
actually. Fortunately they're kept in check, but every now and then one of them
gets loose and does something stupid, like the shooting in Hebron at the Tomb of
the Patriarchs a few years ago.

Paul Osborne wrote:

> >If Jewish and Christian fundies don't beat them to it by attacking the
> Temple
> >Mount.
> Well, anything is possible. But--you have to consider that the Jews had
> their chance and still do--but they don't overstep their bounds by
> attacking that disgusting dome. The Muslims are a force that can't be
> trusted. Remember what they did in Iran when Carter was President? The
> religion of Islam is a dangerous threat to the whole world and it is
> antichrist for sure. God will destroy all the millions of Muslims who
> come up against Judah in the last days at Armageddon. Islam will fall by
> a mighty hand and will not survive into the millennium. That is my
> prediction.
> Paul O
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