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> Gary Smith wrote:
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> What I read into Elder Jensen's article is if the Democratic party isn't
> what we want it to be, then perhaps if enough of us were to switch over
> to it, we could change it for the better.
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> I read the same, underlining the "perhaps".  These are matters of
> personal choice, not properly construed as general counsel.
> If we offered corresponding statements from Ezra Taft Benson, liberals
> would instantly discount them, with the cliched response that these
> expressions simply constituted Benson's personal opinion.  Not that I
> see any impropriety in entertaining or considering the personal opinions
> of others.  But I nonetheless find no culpability in myself for failing
> to find perfect accord with what others think or theorize.

No comparison. Jensen's interview was to clarify and enlarge a formal First
Presidency letter sent to all SPs to be read in Sacrament meetings in January

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> Mij Ebaboc
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