>>> Paul wrote: >>>
>I've snuck out a few times over the years and it makes me feel
>But, when I've gone shopping after midnight (Monday morning) my
>conscience is as clear as can be. What do you think of that? I love
>loopholes. ;-)

I don't consider them loopholes at all. When I started working for an
"Internet-based" company in early 2000, I was alone responsible for
their entire IT operation. There was a time when I worked 6 days a week,
and then had to come in by 1:00 AM onMonday mornings to complete my work
before my colleagues arrived later that morning. I didn't want to be the
one holding things up, and we were growing rapidly.
With my wife's "encouragement" I was able to get them to hire a few
more people so that I could go back to a normal work week. I believe
that I was blessed for not working on Sunday, even though I had to come
in pretty early those few Mondays. :). While the company itself inflated
and deflated with the rest of the dot-bombs, I was not laid off and left
of my own free will only a couple of months ago. Given the number of
people who were let go (many of whom were much more qualified than I
was), I consider this a tremendous blessing and am very grateful for

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