> Then the sum of the squaws with the hides is equal to the
> squaw of the hippopotamus, of course.

I told this joke probably eight years ago on Zion. One member, who shall 
remain unnamed (you're welcome, Dave), didn't like me messing up the 
spiritual tenor of the list with silly jokes. So naturally, I've made a 
great effort ever since to give this list all the solemn dignity it 

> Sheesh, didn't you take high school geometry? ;-)

Naturally. It involved cutting various simple shapes out of construction 
paper, then deciding which shapes looked most like Canada. This was a 
challenge for most of us, since we didn't even know which state Canada 
was in -- plus, those blunt scissors could still damage tender fingers, 
ears, lips, and tongues if not used with care. Then we were required to 
write an essay detailing how Canada felt about being compared to a 
construction paper shape. That essay alone almost wore out my crayon.

> (That's called yer Pithergory Theory, according to Charlie
> Farquhason)

Is that the AustraloPithergory Theory? Any relation to the Piltdown 


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