Hey, that reminds me. Inquiring minds want to know. Howzacome you still use the
Latin digraph when you spell "amoeba" and, usually, though not always,
"archaeology" but omit it in "palaeontology", "haematology", "encyclopaedia",

Mind you, in Canada, as usual, we're all mixed up. You rarely see "paediatrics"
except, e.g.,  in the title of the "Canadian  Paediatric Society", and their
journal, "Paediatrics and Child Health",  and you never see oestrogen (estrogen)
or many of the other oe words like you do outside North America. And my doctor
calls the big lumps I get on my head "hematomas" in his reports, not "haematomas"
(let alone "haematomae").  But, bygum, it's still caesium in my liberum, not

JWR and I will have to jaw-jaw on that one and we'll get baeck to yoeu.


> Well, in this case, splitting the long way just results in an
> even more tangled mess.
> Larry Jackson
> Marc Schindler:
> What did you do to pretend to be an amoeba? Split in two?
> Larry Jackson wrote:
> > Stephen Beecroft:
> >
> > > Naturally. It involved cutting various simple shapes out of
> > > construction paper, then deciding which shapes looked
> > > most like Canada.
> >
> > _______________
> >
> > Our teachers had us take strips of paper, gave them a half
> > twist, fasten the ends together, and then color both sides,
> > pretending all the while to be amoebas, thus bringing both
> > science and math to new lows.
> >
> > Larry Jackson
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“Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will pick
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