> in such a meagerly populated nation as yours? They might even outnumber
> you!

Is Canada a small country population-wise?

I get bored and annoyed hearing about how "small" our population is.  Let's get the 
facts straight.

Populations of Some Countries (in millions)
1.) China 1300 
2.) India 1000 
3.) United States 285
(yes, that's right, the US has the world's third largest population.  That puts a lot 
of things into perspective for me.)
4.) Indonesia 231 
5.) Brazil 176 
6.) Pakistan 147 
7.) Russia 145 
8.) Bangladesh 133 
9.) Nigeria 130
10.) Japan 127 

So where is Canada in the great heap of nations?  There are 235 countries, more or 
less - it gets tricky in some cases.  

35.) Canada 31 

That puts Canada in the top 15% of all countries in the world by population.  So 
Canada is not a small country by population; it is only small compared to the US who 
just happens to be its nearest neighbour.

(Have a look at this interesting graph of country by population size: 
http://www.geohive.com/global/gen_popsize.php )

Canada does have one of the lowest population densities in the world (about 224th) at 
3.36 people per square km.  Compare that with Bangladesh at 949 (12th) or the US at 
29.77 (172nd).

Oh, and as an interesting side note, proven oil reserves have increased over the past 
decade.  In other words, the world continues to use oil at a phenomenal rate (75 
million barrels per day = about 28 billion barrels per year) and yet the amount left 
over continues to _increase_ (from 1 trillion to 1.05 trillion in about ten years).  
At this rate, we will never run out of oil but will rather have more and more all the 
time.  A barrel is equal to 159 litres (42 gallons).  And the proven reserves do not 
even include the Alberta Oil Sands which have more oil than the rest of the world put 
together, one quarter of which is believed to be economically and technically 

(BTW, Gary, I'm laughing with your jokes here, so this wasn't an angry outburst 
against this statement of yours.  I just found it an opportune moment to go off on a 

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