My goodness.  How difficult would it be for the US and Canada
to sign a treaty and redraw the border by a few yards?  Let
the pumps fly the Canadian flag, and if'll make the U.S.
happy, let them build their fences and their watchtowers
behind the filling station.  And if the US is concerned about
losing territory, maybe they can get a few hectares of land 
in the Yukon annexed to Alaska, and then it's all even-steven.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't ordinarily have an issue
with our respective governments trying to enforce a border, 
but this is ridiculous!  

Incidentally, that makes me is the gas station
itself able to conduct business?  Must it file U.S. and 
Canadian tax returns?  What if the cash register is
on the Canadian side of the line?  Does that mean customers
then pay both Maine sales tax and the Canadian GST?  Is 
there a huge painted red line in the middle of the station's
parking lot that says "Caution: US Border, cross at your
own risk"?  And if our government is willing to do all this
for a gas station, what might they do if a "Shopper's Drug
Mart" occupied the same space?  Oh, the ideas that abound...

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