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> "Daniel C. Peterson" wrote:
>> It has been a banner week for the Publications Department at FARMS.
>> Not only did "Echoes and Evidences" come off the press on Monday but,
>> the first volume in the new Eastern Christian Texts series (a
readable and
>> interesting bilingual edition of Yahya ibn ŚAdi's tenth century
treatise on
>> ethics, "The Reformation of Morals," translated by Father Sidney
Griffith of
>> Catholic University in Washington D.C.) appeared, as well as
>> Reason, and Faith: Essays in Honor of Truman G. Madsen."
>> The latter weighs in at more than 800 pages, with essays by the
>> (Donald Parry, Daniel Peterson, and Stephen Ricks) as well as by
>> Dillon Inouye
>> M. Gerald Bradford
>> James Charlesworth
>> James Faulconer
>> Guttorm Flřistad
>> Louis Midgley
>> C. Terry Warner
>> Gary Gillum
>> David Paulsen and Blake Ostler
>> David Seely
>> Andrew Skinner
>> John Tvedtnes
>> Davis Bitton
>> Richard Bushman
>> Andrew Hedges
>> Daniel McKinlay
>> David Whittaker
>> Joseph Dan
>> Raphael Jospe
>> David Rosen
>> Seth Ward
>> S. Kent Brown
>> David Noel Freedman and Rebecca Frey
>> John Lundquist
>> Ann Madsen
>> Jacob Milgrom
>> R. J. Zvi Werblowsky
>> Three major books in one week isn't bad.
>> The newest FARMS Review of Books should come off the press next week.

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