I get very uneven reports of the adequacy of medical care from Canadian
citizens. YMMV.


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Careful. Someone on LDS-Poll, who writes under a pseudonym, made a claim
there were only 100 MRIs in all of Canada. It turns out there are almost 25
Alberta alone (pop.: 3 000 000) after I did some research. Incidentally,
insurance isn't illegal here -- I have Blue Cross, for instance, to cover
prescription drugs and a few other things -- it's just that there's not much
to it. Given the power of the government insurance plans (their size), they
negotiate low drug prices with suppliers. That's why drugs cost so much less
I've had MRI's within hours notice, such as once when I fell and had a
concussion. They rushed me by ambulance to U of Alberta Hospital and I had
an MRI
right away (it showed a subdural haematoma). Where we have waiting lists is
"non-urgent" situations like joint problems. You can wait for several months
an MRI for something like that.

Jon Spencer wrote:

> I have had several MRI's done (I know that is hard to imagine if you live
> Canada, given the scarcity of MRI equipment there and the prohibition
> against private insurance, etc.).  Some of the techs have referenced their
> own experience with this phenomenon, having watches fly across the room,
> etc.
> Jon
> Marc A. Schindler wrote:
> It couldn't have been a CAT scan, which is just a glorified, spinning
> machine, basically. I heard it was an MRI. I don't dispute Stephen -- he
> sounds
> like he knows what he's talking about, but I can't remember any more than
> what I
> wrote.
> > Stephen Beecroft:
> >
> > >-Marc-
> > >> ... a tech had inadvertently left an oxygen cylinder in the
> > >> room, and when the MRI was turned on, it got sucked
> > >> right into the core, killing the poor patient (a young boy)
> > >> instantly.
> >
> > > Unless MRI technology has changed significantly in the
> > > last 7-8 years, I find this a bit hard to swallow.
> >
> > I heard the story pretty much as Marc described it.  I didn't
> > hear a retraction.  Maybe it wasn't an MRI or was a CAT
> > scan or something, or maybe the report wasn't accurate,
> > but I do remember hearing about it a few months ago on
> > the radio and reading about it in the paper.
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