At 09:03 PM 11/16/02, Marc A. Schindler wrote:
Interesting -- I didn't know that. A case of "faux amis" (false cognates). So
what's "phylline" from? The only thing I can think of, going from my limited
knowledge of Greek, is "type" in the sense of something that's in a class of
things that have something in common. (Same as the word "phylum") So I would,
offhand, speculate that "theophylline" means "substances derived from tea." Is
that correct?

Maybe. The only etymology I have seen (in chemistry books) was for the "tea" > "theo-" part.

Speculation based on _my_ very limited knowledge of Greek: Is there any relation between "philia" (= "friend") and "phylum" (= maybe a "group of friends")?

--Ronn! :)

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