Marc wrote:
>Many people assume it
>means no caffeine, but if that were the case a good portion of OTC drugs
that we
>take would be verboten. Is decaff okay? No. Clearly we're not to drink
coffee or
>(green/black) tea. That's what it means, not "no caffeine." We tend to
get bogged
>down in unimportant details.

You're absolutely right, Marc. I love the smell of coffee and I suppose
it will always be a temptation for me. There is nothing wrong with being
tempted so long as you don't yield to the temptation and partake of the
forbidden substance. I'm hoping that the coffee bean will someday be
pronounced clean. What do you think? Every time I walk down the isle of
the grocery store and smell those flavored beans it puts my nose in a
state of alert.

What do you suppose the coffee bean is for? Surely it must serve some
sort of purpose other than to tempt the weaker saints like me.

Paul O

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