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> http://www.meridianmagazine.com/editorial/021118plaza.html

I noticed a couple of days the Salt Lake Tribulation had a *front-page* 
story (at least it was a lead story in their web edition), telling that 
the Church would release a statement about the plaza and speculating 
what it might be. I was struck anew by how outrageously paranoid and 
anti-Mormon the Trib is -- they not only don't wait for the news to 
happen before reporting it, but they report not-as-yet-happened news 
with their own editorial slant on it, and on the front page, yet!

I would be ashamed to pay any money for that rag. I would think any 
believing Latter-day Saint would feel the same. And that opinion is 
worth just what you've paid for it.


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