Stephen Beecroft wrote:
I noticed a couple of days the Salt Lake Tribulation had a *front-page* 
story (at least it was a lead story in their web edition), telling that 
the Church would release a statement about the plaza and speculating 
what it might be. I was struck anew by how outrageously paranoid and 
anti-Mormon the Trib is -- they not only don't wait for the news to 
happen before reporting it, but they report not-as-yet-happened news 
with their own editorial slant on it, and on the front page, yet!


Don't be too concerned about the SLTribune.  All the more sophisticated 
readers apply appropriate naturalistic critical analysis methods to 
interpret each story, therefore they are generally given to understand 
that the stories are merely figurative and symbolic.  Only the naive and 
foolish are led astray by the leftward leaning editorial slant.  Such 
stories are deemed instructive or useful only insofar as they convey an 
inspirational message.  The mythic content of these folk tales is 
typically redacted from the epics of earlier more advanced cultures.  
Such cultural borrowing is well known to be a common custom among crude 
tribal societies.  We, on the other hand, are of course so much more 
advanced and sophisticated, informed by our happy and successful culture 
that so effectively cultivates universal peace, mutual welfare, and 
common understanding.

Mij Ebaboc

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