>>> After intense pondering Stacy favored us with:
>Frighten their enemies?  If anything, it seems to me this would
>embolden their enemies.  After all, if one wants to shout "Here 
>I am," it would seem to me the logical thing would be to show
>themselves.  If, on the other hand, one wants one's identity to
>be hidden to confuse the enemy, the smart thing is to try to
>confuse one's enemies by looking just like them.
I think we are talking about two different things. When the Gadianton
robbers came down out of the mountains to battle with the Nephites,
their goal was not to confuse the enemy but to frighten them into
submission. I don't know about you, but to see someone twice my size
running at me with sword in hand (and all I have to defend myself with
is a sword as well) and wearing clothing died in blood would be a scary
prospect! Guns have become a great equalizer in that respect.
We also see in the Book of Mormon that when the Gadianton robbers were
working in "stealth" mode they did in fact hide their identities,
blended in with the local populace, and protected one another using
secret oaths and signs (Ether 8:13-16; Helaman 6:22). This way the were
not easily discovered, and could continue to wreak terror and
destruction among the people.

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