Add to this mess people whose families are controlling and a society that
does not care about that and you have a recipe for psychological
anxiety-producing events of such a magnitude we haven't seen in past ages.

Right. So what can the church do to help individuals and families deal with
these problems before the only thing left is to pick up the pieces? Drugs
offer us an incredible tool for dealing with acute problems, but they
shouldn't be the catch-all, "one-size-fits-all" solution. I'm not
advocating ignoring a doctor's orders, but shouldn't there be some concern
when large numbers of members need drugs to function?


At 06:42 AM 11/22/2002 -0600, you wrote:

> >It was brought up in a larger discussion about the number of people in
> >ward suffering from depression, and the church's change to being more
> >supportive of people using drugs to overcome it.
>Yep. I'm a big goof and shoot my mouth off all the time and tell people
>about my problems to members of the ward. And in return, they tell me a
>little bit about their problems. A lot of people are on meds and that is
>no exaggeration. My elders quorum president is on them too and so is the
>bishop's wife. The list goes on and on. This crazy world we live in is
>driving people nuts. It's complicated, fast paced, demanding, and
>financially more difficult to pilot then it has ever been. We are being
>squeezed by the demands and complications of modern living. Do this do
>that. Deadlines, red lights, no bonus, bad economy, computer & car
>problems, etc...
>Paul O

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