Gary Smith:

Are you saying I'm not a list moderator? Or just that I'm 
temporarily out of moderation? Why, them's fighting words 
where I come from. That's it! Salamis at 10 paces!

The only difference between JWR and me, is I'm not 


Oops.  Sorry, Gary.  I forgot there were two of you 
(moderators, that is).  And just when I was thinking to 
myself how well behaved we all had been because there 
hadn't been a food fight while John was away.  Oh, dear.  

BTW, I took a spin around Indianapolis once.  360 -- right 
in the middle of the Interstate.  It was during the big snow 
storm at Thanksgiving of 1974.  Good thing no one else 
was crazy enough to be out driving in it, and I had all three 
lanes to myself.  Or was it four lanes?  I don't recall, but I 
needed most of them.  It was on the loop going around 
the south side of the city.  I do remember that it was in the 
middle of the night, 1 or 2 am.

My bride and I were traveling from Missouri to Ohio that 
night.  It was quite the trip.  Hope John's is a little more 

Larry Jackson

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