Gary Smith wrote:
BTW, IMO philosophy shows that evolution is a farce.  However, it DOES
show that de-evolution does occur in laboratory mice and high school

I concur.  Indeed, the entire history of the human race is a testament 
to devolution.  Men are in a lost and fallen state, and can never redeem 
themselves without faith in Jesus Christ.  Only blind hubris affords any 
other view of our downward slide.

Since Marc apparently would have us believe that dictionaries are part 
of a vast right-wing conspiracy to promote ideosyncratic foolishness, 
let him propose his own definition for the term "philosophy".

I personally consider philosophy as the core of knowledge that 
contributes to a specific discipline.  Philosophy informs learning and 
understanding.  It encompasses the precepts and principles that govern a 
particular domain.

Sceintific disciplines consist of a blend of philosophical, technical, 
and applied practical aspects.  Practices and techniques related to a 
specific discipline are separate from the philosophical base, but derive 
from the tenets of that philosophy.

Mij Ebaboc


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