Why? It was the term "evolutionary philosophy" that I didn't understand. And it's
"idiosyncratic." You'll find it in your closest right-wing dictionary. Maybe
you'll even find "I was wrong. I misunderstood the Toronto Star article."
It can happen to any of us. But as I wrote earlier, leave the thin-skinned
theatrics to us Canuckistanis. We're better at it.

Jim Cobabe wrote:

> Gary Smith wrote:
> ---
> BTW, IMO philosophy shows that evolution is a farce.  However, it DOES
> show that de-evolution does occur in laboratory mice and high school
> students....
> ---
> I concur.  Indeed, the entire history of the human race is a testament
> to devolution.  Men are in a lost and fallen state, and can never redeem
> themselves without faith in Jesus Christ.  Only blind hubris affords any
> other view of our downward slide.
> Since Marc apparently would have us believe that dictionaries are part
> of a vast right-wing conspiracy to promote ideosyncratic foolishness,
> let him propose his own definition for the term "philosophy".
> I personally consider philosophy as the core of knowledge that
> contributes to a specific discipline.  Philosophy informs learning and
> understanding.  It encompasses the precepts and principles that govern a
> particular domain.
> Sceintific disciplines consist of a blend of philosophical, technical,
> and applied practical aspects.  Practices and techniques related to a
> specific discipline are separate from the philosophical base, but derive
> from the tenets of that philosophy.
> ---
> Mij Ebaboc
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