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Sorry, Stacy, but this one comes a little too close to the edge of the
charter. If anyone wants to answer her, please do it private email.

I will say this, while avoiding the main topic you placed below. I
believe as Thomas Jefferson did that our nation was established with a
small federal government and strong state governments, so that peoples
could gather with others of their type. If all left handed people want to
move to California, and all right handed peoples go to Texas, fine with
me. The feds need to stay out of legislation, so people can choose for
themselves.  However, Jefferson saw no reason why a state couldn't
establish its own religion or many other things the people would choose
to do, because for those who disagreed, they could always move to another
state.  Hence, if the fundamentalists want to take over a southern state
and enact strict moral laws, more power to them. If they try and do it on
the federal level, then I have a problem. But this holds true with
liberal groups, as well.

K'aya K'ama,
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