> What do you all think of this?  Should Protestant Fundamentalists
> be the ones to tell homosexuals how to live their lives?

Why not? Free country and all that. We have all sorts of people telling 
each other how to live their lives. For instance, I've gotten over being 
inordinately upset about the man- and family-hating feminists vomiting 
their horrid ideas all over our society, so I think sexual deviants can 
learn to put up with divergent opinions, as well.

And for once, the fundies seem to be correct about this, or at least 
much closer to correct than those they're preaching to. There is very 
little I find praiseworthy in fundamentalist doctrine or preaching, but 
when the homosexual lobby hates them, that's a pretty good indication 
that they're on the right track.


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