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> My understanding is that there is no policy. I had always thought 
> that God would forgive that individual for past transactions 
> providing he/she goes through the process of rependence. Isn't that 
> what the Gospel is all about, Jesus Christ paid the price, and that 
> he would no longer remember our sins.
> Therefore, I find it inconceivable that the Church would hold 
> something against an individual if God has already forgiven that 
> individual.
> Is it Gods church or man's?
> Vic

That is how I see it too, Vic. But it so just so happed that my mother
divorced my father some 26 years ago, was excommunicated from the church,
left five kids to my father, and ran off to be a LESBIAN!!! My father did
nothing wrong! His second wife has been a full time employee of the
Seattle not too long after it first opened and my Father has been active
serving in the Seattle temple for many years. But, because he has had a
divorce he was told he can't be sealer. He is now (age 70) and dying of
colon cancer which he supposedly beat some 6 years ago but has now spread
to his lung (golf ball size tumor) and I reason to my self that God never
did rid him of cancer as was promised by blessings, faith, temple alters,
and all that. I just don't get it.

Oh well. What a drag.

<throwing my hands up>

Paul O

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