First, we simply misread.  Wrong to assume that people engaged in 
politics are politicians.

Next, we didn't comprehend the niceties of the highly sophisticated 
Canadian political machine.

Then it was foolishly quoting idiosyncratic definitions from 
Merriam-Webtster's Dictionary.

Now the assertion is that Americans fear that Bush really _is_ a 
moron--therefore the _Canadians_ fire their own political figure, who 
publically offered insults to Bush.

On the other hand, American politicians seem to feel free to call Bush a 
moron, without concern for reprisal or repercussion.  I don't think 
believe you could find a single Democrat in the US Congress that has not 
publically suggested that Bush--at best--suffers from mild mental 

Americans have known all along that Bush is a moron.  Why else would he 
be involved in politics?  We just thought he was slightly less retarded 
than any of the alternatives.
Perhaps it is really the Canadians who are fearful and overreacting.  


Mij Ebaboc

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