Stacy Smith:

Suppose I suspect this individual failed to disclose this 
information before baptism?  If he is now living a good life, 
does any of this information need to come out?


To be baptized, a person who has violated the laws of the 
land must have completed the terms of imprisonment, 
parole, and/or probation resulting from his conviction.  He 
must also be interviewed by the mission president (who 
in some cases may delegate this interview to certain other 
Church leaders (not missionaries) if needed.

After serving time and the parole/probation is complete, 
if the interview with the mission president is successful, 
he may be baptized.

If you believe this did not happen, you may want to mention 
it to your bishop.

Some rare cases require that the mission president seek 
permission from the First Presidency for baptism, but as 
you have described it, this would not be one of them.

I agree with most of what others have said in this thread.  
If this person has met the requirements of baptism, he is 
entitled to all of the blessings of the gospel, including 
temple blessings.  He has obviously been baptized more 
than a year to have a current temple recommend.

We forgive, as the Lord told us.  That said, however, there 
is no reason to tempt a person beyond their ability to resist 
that temptation.  This means that my involvement with a 
person who has been a predator would only be in the 
safest of circumstances, such as at Church meetings and 
activities and in other public locations.  

The Church does the same thing.  A person who has 
been convicted of molesting children, for example, may go 
through the entire process of a disciplinary council, usually 
losing his membership, then being readmited by baptism 
and eventually having his blessings restored.  He is forgiven 
and, based on his repentance and subsequent actions, is 
entitled to all of the blessings of activity in the Church.

The Church will, however, see that he is never given a 
calling or position of responsibility involving the youth or 
the children in the ward.

Larry Jackson

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