Stacy Smith:

Well, it has been said that he was not honest at his 
baptismal interview.  However, I currently have only 
second-hand information of this.


If true, another reason to be very careful.  It is very rare, in 
my experience, that a dishonest person becomes honest.  

His status in the judicial system is a matter of public 
record, though.  So if this is really troubling you, it would 
not be hard to find out when he was baptized and when 
he completed the requirements of the law (assuming 
he has).

Three things to consider.

First, second-hand information is more often than not 
unreliable.  There are too many motives involved and 
folks usually don't get it right.

Second, since he has a temple recommend, I presume 
there has been a significant amount of activity and living 
of the gospel.  This would weigh heavily in his favor, all 
other things being equal (unless he has been lying in 
those interviews).

Third, his bishop may know all about all of this already.

If it turns out he is still legally on probation or parole, his 
bishop and stake president should know and would 
have the wonderful job of figuring out what to do about it.  
For sure he would lose his recommend.  He wouldn't 
necessarily lose his membership.

If it turns out he is clean with the law, but lied in his 
interviews to get where he is with the Church, his bishop 
and stake president will have to figure out what to do 
about that, too, but the decision would be easier for them.

And, since I don't have the whole story from anyone yet, 
none of this may apply at all.

In any event, it would appear that your first decision to not 
be involved with this person was a very wise one.  Don't 
let your guard down.

Larry Jackson

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