It just came to my attention that the text messaging function on my cell
phone has now been activated. A holiday gift to me from Rogers AT&T. I
was able to send a brief message (test) to my regular email address and
also to send an email message to my cell phone from my computer.  I also
sent a brief message to my wife (Hi Hon, Love Tom) to her cell phone and
just to make sure there is peace in the family I sent one to my
daughter.  That pretty much exhausts my sense of what can be done with
this new method of communication. Does anyone on the list use this
service?  If so why? It is painfully slow to compose even the simplest
message, something akin to setting the time on your VCR. Perhaps some of
you out there can suggest good reasons for this service.  I've seen the
cool TV commercials where disarmingly casual young men warn each other
from the horrors of attending a possible "chick flick" using their text
messaging phones, or where two young lovers share messages from either
end of a Greyhound bus.  But at $.15 a pop one wonders. Why not just
call the person up and talk?  I suppose it makes the phone into a
glorified pager, but I already have a voice mail feature on my cell
phone to collect the wrong numbers that frequently catch me.  I seem to
have a number that was once had by a sales rep. at Zurich Life
Insurance.  He still gets a lot of calls.... er... I still get a lot of
his calls on that number.  His name is Neal. I hope we meet one day.
I'll click my tongue and point my finger with my thumb straight up, in
that classic sales rep sort of way, and say "Hi ya Neal, I've got yer
number!" It would take 45 minutes to turn those seven words into a text
message on the cell phone.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to y'all. Here's a link to tell you how to
avoid killing yourself preparing that Butterball.  Sorry if it's too
late to help.
Imagine the odds of survival if you were eating turkey on a Disney
Cruise ship?


Cardston, Alberta

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