On Thu, 28 Nov 2002 15:36:01 -0700, "Tom Matkin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> It just came to my attention that the text messaging function on my cell
> phone has now been activated.
> daughter.  That pretty much exhausts my sense of what can be done with
> this new method of communication. Does anyone on the list use this
> service?  If so why? It is painfully slow to compose even the simplest
> message, something akin to setting the time on your VCR. 


The advantage to text messaging (despite what cell phone advertisers
would like you to beleive) is in INCOMING messages. For example, if you
were to have a pager, you can forward your pager to your cell phone and
dispense with carrying an extra device (I have to have a pager for my

It also is nice to be able to contact someone via their cell phone. Many
cell providers have a web interface that will allow you to send such text
messages from a computer, and, of course, you can hit them by email. 

My limited experience shows that there is little value in being able to
SEND text messages from a cell phone, but it is nice to be able to
RECEIVE them on the phone.


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