I'm guessing, from what I read below, that the mood on the list should
be very upbeat after today.

I'm planning to have for lunch a turkey and cheese sandwich with milk
and a banana for desert whenever I have the need to be sharp in the


 Posted on Thu, Nov. 21, 2002   
Turkey chemical may lift mood, researchers say
>From Herald Wire Services

The chemical in turkey that may cause people to nod off after
Thanksgiving dinner also plays a role in maintaining good mood and
memory, especially among people with a family history of depression,
Dutch researchers report in the current issue of Brain, Behavior and

Tryptophan, found in turkey and commonly blamed in the media for
creating the sluggish after-feast feeling, is a metabolic precursor to
the chemical messenger known as serotonin. It's also found in foods like
milk, bread, cheese and bananas.

Tryptophan levels were lowered in 27 volunteers, 16 of whom had an
immediate relative with major depression. The depletion temporarily
induced mood depression in half of the subjects who had a family history
of depression but in only 9 percent of those with no family history of

The authors suggest the findings may have implications for people with a
family history of major depression whose tryptophan becomes depleted
because of dieting or cancer treatments.


Cardston, Alberta

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