Gary Smith:

A sage plumber I once visited at his throne on a high pile, 
er, mountain of, er, uh, well anyway.... he told me that there 
are two secrets to plumbing:

The good water comes up, and the dirty water goes down 
the hole.


Did he say what to do if the steel wool scouring pad goes 
down the toilet first and gets stuck?  ("I didn't do it.")

If he didn't, does anyone else have any ideas.  I haven't 
been able to snake it out yet, and I'm not sure any of 
those chemicals (like Drano) will work on steel wool.

It has two toilets, two sinks, and a bathtub clogged right 
now.  Fortunately, we have one other set of plumbing that 
drains past wherever the clog is, but I'm afraid we are 
going to push it to a point where everything backs up.

What a wonderful weekend for company.

The turkey was good, though.  Calmed everyone right down.

Larry Jackson

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