>I think that this trumps Paul's merely "studying" about the heathens.
>Unless, of course, the bookstore (and not carrying Card or Signature
>automatically disqualifies me.  :-(

Speaking of me, in time, not yet, I intend to debate Brent Metcalf about
the controversies of the Joseph Smith papyrus and will without mercy pin
him up and let him dangle at the top of his own lighthouse. Oh, boy,
those antis are in for it good. It won't be business as usual because I
don't adhere to the FARMS paradigm where walls start to close in on the
LDS apologetic... 

Here is some fresh material: 12 tough questions for antis concerning the


BTW, I do not have an agenda concerning my Egyptian religion :-) for this
list. This list is a place for me to rest and not get into it with
others. Thanks

Paul O

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