Now this really IS wonderful.  Thanks for a great start to my day (well, I
taught seminary today, so a great continuation!).  And I don't see any


Chet wrote"
> Occasionally (just occasionally) I get serious on this list.  (And get
> shot down in flames for revealing my ignorance.)  But this -- this is
> too wonderful to not share.  And maybe it will give someone else the
> incentive to press on.  And maybe there is someone who doesn't realize
> that they're avoiding happiness and power.
> Early in November, my middle daughter called and said she was going to
> get her endowments and she & my son-in-law were going to get sealed in
> the SLC Temple - over the Thanksgiving "weekend."  They had not yet
> started their temple prep class, but had just come from meeting with
> their bishop.
> Naturally, as always happens, Everything Went Wrong as soon as they
> decided to go the temple.  The car got sick, they weren't able to come
> up with the money to move to Alaska (where he had a swell job offer),
> etc, etc, etc.  Anything which could discourage them happened.  Doesn't
> it always?  It happened to us and to everyone we know (who's sealed) --
> Does Satan get panicky and make lots of last ditch efforts or what?
> But they persevered.  They didn't give up.  And --
> I really don't have to tell you how amazing the endowment or the sealing
> were, do I?  Besides the things I won't discuss on the
> internet(especially during her endowment Wednesday -- or was it
> Thursday.  Boy, am I tired!), the same Holy Spirit which attended every
> sealing causes the experience to be incredibly personal.  I have long
> been of the opinion that if 50 people attend a temple ordinance, there
> will be 50 distinctly different (though similar) experiences.  One thing
> I will share, which struck me with significant symbolism:  during one
> time when I held Cherie's hand, Crystal was resting her arm on
> mine....and, nope, we hadn't started out being next to each other.
> It's unbelievable how much Cherie and I cried, not just for happiness
> for Crystal, but at some dear friends who travelled to be a part of this
> and being together again, for those couples have been dear friends for
> many, many years, and know far too many deep secrets about us, and have
> triumphed through some really dangerous events.  And we have watched
> each other grow a decade older, though it seems we've known each other
> for far longer.
> The photographer was fantastic, and I can't wait to get the photos (late
> December) on CD to put up on a website!  We literally spent hours (our
> poor feet!) with photos all around the temple, across into Main Street
> Plaza (no anti-Mormons were throwing tantrums that day), and we were all
> exhausted -- physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Reluctant to say
> good-bye, we spent a leisurely lunch at Spaghetti Factory.  We had saved
> enough from our budget to give the kids a few hundred bucks to help them
> in their move to Alaska (They are driving to Seattle today -- got sealed
> JUST in time, eh?).  And then we had to say good-bye.  And it wasn't
> easy.
> The drive back to Denver didn't tire us any further than we were -- we
> got here about 11:30 pm.  The next morning, I suggested we sleep through
> Sunday School and RS/priesthood but Cherie insisted "We OWE Heavenly
> Father" and we pulled ourselves out of bed.  Co-incidentally enough, our
> gospel doctrine class was All About Temples Past, Present, & Future;
> combined priesthood was about ordinances; and almost every testimony
> (all but two) was about endowments or sealings.  And testimonies - even
> before Cherie & I got up - were all about temple ordinances and
> closeness.  So we cried.  Oh, how we cried.  Then we were sustained as
> Temple Prep teachers, and set apart.  More crying.  Cherie came home to
> sleep while I attended high priests' group leader meeting (I's
> secretary) where some more experiences brought more tears (they just HAD
> to discuss the testimonies heard today!).  Then I came home and dozed --
> and we missed the Christmas broadcast!!!  Sheesh!!
> I can't tell you how many horrible mistakes I made as Crystal's father.
> I can't tell you how many times we felt like giving up a few years ago.
> I can tell you that the discouragement, the fear, the trying and trying
> and trying again, and all the pain -- was worth it and more.  I can tell
> anyone who feels like giving up that there is great victory and power if
> one keeps trying and having faith in promises from Father.
> And I can tell you that there's nothing more wonderful than seeing
> promises fulfilled.
> *jeep!
>   --Chet
> PS:  All the "Everything Going Wrong" problems solved themselves within
> hours after the sealing.  Satan runs like the very devil from freshly
> endowed and sealed couples, doesn't he?
> "Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you
> are doing the impossible."
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