>>> Chet favored us with the following:
>And every Protestant church I've dealt with has the 
>doctrine that True Christians will be neutered angels 
>in Heaven, with no more feeling for their spouse than 
>one would have for a faithful brother or sister.
If that is what they are expecting, and desire, then they'll get it.
That's the terrestrial kingdom in a nutshell!
I believe, however, that if they would just allow the Spirit to whisper
to their hearts how much more wonderful it would be to have their family
for eternity, then perhaps many would grasp onto that and learn of the
true Church. Ol' Scratch seems to be doing quite a number on families
these days however, and it makes it a little tougher for people to see
past their family problems and see their families for what they could
really be: a source of true happiness and joy forever.
Your brother,

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