Geoff FOWLER wrote:
> >>> Chet favored us with the following:
> >And every Protestant church I've dealt with has the 
> >doctrine that True Christians will be neutered angels 
> >in Heaven, with no more feeling for their spouse than 
> >one would have for a faithful brother or sister.
> If that is what they are expecting, and desire, then they'll get it.
> That's the terrestrial kingdom in a nutshell!

What's especially ironic is that - despite what their churches' 
doctrines are - almost every member of those churches believe that their 
marriages (current or otherwise) are meant to last forever.
> I believe, however, that if they would just allow the Spirit to whisper
> to their hearts how much more wonderful it would be to have their family
> for eternity, then perhaps many would grasp onto that and learn of the
> true Church. 

Yup.  So why are we so stubborn and resistant (and I count myself) to 
the whisperings of the Spirit?  Darned ol' Natural Man!

> Ol' Scratch seems to be doing quite a number on families
> these days however, and it makes it a little tougher for people to see
> past their family problems and see their families for what they could
> really be: a source of true happiness and joy forever.

And the opposite - that the lack of family is the literal Hell.
> Your brother,
> Geoff

Thanks, Geoff!  You have a knack for making things just a bit clearer.

"Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you 
are doing the impossible."

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