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> > > Regardless, in 1836 when the revelation was given, Alvin still had not
> > > been baptized
> For that matter, neither had Theodore or Simon.  I'm pretty sure that 
> Leonardo had been, though Clyde Crashcup had Word of Wisdom problems.

OK, I am curious now. Lets see:

Theodore and Simon would be the "other two" chipmunks, right?

Leonardo? (Shurely not DeCaprio or DaVinci) Hmm, my guess would be one of
the Teenage Mutant Nija Turtle. If so, what about the other three?
(Raphael, Michaelagelo and Donatello I beleive. My kids were really into
that at one time.)

Clyde Crashcup? No idea. Please do tell.

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