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> > For that matter, neither had Theodore or Simon.  I'm pretty sure that 
> > Leonardo had been, though Clyde Crashcup had Word of Wisdom problems.
> OK, I am curious now. Lets see:
> Theodore and Simon would be the "other two" chipmunks, right?
> Leonardo? (Shurely not DeCaprio or DaVinci) Hmm, my guess would be one 
> of
> the Teenage Mutant Nija Turtle. If so, what about the other three?
> (Raphael, Michaelagelo and Donatello I beleive. My kids were really into
> that at one time.)
> Clyde Crashcup? No idea. Please do tell.

Leonardo was the (more intelligent) assistant to mad scientist Clyde 
Crashcup on the original ALVIN SHOW (the one where their looks were 
changed from Chip & Dale types to the long sweater kids, but before they 
became abnormally cute in the 1980s).  Clyde invented everything with a 
Real Swell pencil -- he'd draw it, it would spring off the 
blackboard/blueprint into reality.  Leonardo never spoke, but did 
whisper to Clyde to correct him or offer genuine ideas.  Clyde, as his 
name sort of implies, was fond of tea IIRC.

This is the sort of thing which inhabits the corners of my brain and 
won't leave -- yet I can't remember anything important.  *sigh*

Honestly though, I thought everyone in America had a passing 
acquaintence with Clyde Crashcup.  I mean, 100% of every kid I knew 
watched the ALVIN SHOW and had at least one album.

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