On Sun, 8 Dec 2002 22:01:24 -0600, "Gary Smith" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
> Heads up! I'll be in SLC for a week. I arrive late on 12 Dec and leave
> early on 18 Dec. If anyone wants to meet with me, leave me an email. I
> don't know how much email access I'll have, but I'll have some. Also, you
> will be able to reach me at my sister's house in West Valley (dude!)
> 969-7627. Sorry, Marc, no collect calls accepted....
> Maybe we can do lunch or a temple trip.

Hey, that sounds kind of fun. I too will be in the SLC area that weekend.
Hey, we could even  go see the new Star Trek movie together if anyone
else wants to!

My time will be a bit limited as I will probably get in rather late on
Friday night and will have a family get-together (the reason for being
out there) on Saturday evening, returning on Sunday, probably around mid
afternoon. That really only leaves me the early part of the day on

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